Rheinau-Linx near Kehl

In a park-like setting, surrounded by a bristling, with Far Eastern quotations, gardens, the DAVINCI show house in the World of Living is presented. The central recess in the north side of the house emphasizes the inviting, covered entrance. An elegant carport roof extension is located close to the sheltered entrance. In this way you do not get your feet wet and have a short way to the entrance (or directly into the utility room). Whoever enters the front door is offered new perspectives and experiences towards living.

wol_galerie14The ground floor offers an open plan approach with a double height hallway, a generous guest toilet (or shower room), a study (or a guest or additional child’s room) and a fascinating living landscape with kitchen and dining. Behind the kitchen you will find the utility / laundry room.

The double height space at the entrance and dining area provides a clear view up to the underside of the ridge. The symmetrically placed ridge glazing allows the view to continue no matter what time of day or what season it is.

Full height glazing removes the boundary to the outside. Interesting views allow the eye and thoughts to blend into the landscape.

Light and transparency become events. From the many light filled rooms on the ground floor you can enter the garden. A sliding door allows the direct movement from the kitchen and dining areas to a covered patio. The scents and herbs can be brought directly into the kitchen from the half-round adjacent herb garden. You live in the entire garden with a DAVINCI HAUS. The dream of living in harmony with nature becomes reality.